650 Years on the Book Duty – the press conference at the Cracow Book Fairs

Added: 29.10.2013

The Agreement Committee of Librarians, Booksellers, and Publishers organized the press conference concerning the “650 Years on the Book Duty” initiative on October 25th, 2013, during the 17th Cracow Book Fairs. This event was a commemoration of the Studium Generale Establishment Act (present Jagiellonian University) edited by Kazimierz Wielki the king in 1364.This Act mentioned – among the other employees of the academy – also a stationarius, i.e. person responsible for preparing, offering, and disseminating books (manuscripts).

The Agreement Committee, consisting of the most important organizations of librarians, booksellers, and publishers, has planned a list of events and activities for the year 2014, to recall the role of a book in cultural and civilisation development of the society. The Jubilee Year will be also an occasion for reflection on a current situation of a book and reading in Poland, on traditional and electronic publishing market. The Agreement Committee’s initiatives have reached support of the Book Institute, the National Library, and the Jagiellonian Library.

Ms Irena Janowska, editor representing the Polish Association of Book Publishers, presented the assumptions for the 650 Years on the Book Duty Jubilee: events and initiatives organized all over the country. Mr Krzysztof Kaleta, the jubilee originator, recalled that it was not the year of a librarian, bookseller or publisher, but the year of a reader which was being celebrated, as the book exists as long as it is read. The Agreement Committee applied to the Polish Parliament to proclaim the 2014 as the Reader Year.

During the conference a beautiful leaflet and the Jubilee logo (by Andrzej Tomaszewski, book graphic designer) have been presented. The Jubilee service at the www.sbp.pl portal is planned to be available since December 12th, when the official opening of the Jubilee Year will take place. The service shall inform about either nationwide or local events in libraries, bookshops, universities, schools, exhibitions, at book fairs, and any other place.

The representatives of the Organizing Committee attended the conference, presenting the most important planned events: Ms Joanna Pasztaleniec-Jarzyńska from the Polish Librarians’ Associaiton, Mr Waldemar Janaszkiewicz, President of the Polish Booksellers’ Association, Mr Jerzy Mechliński, President of the Polish Association of Booksellers, father Roman Szpakowski, President of the Association of Catholic Publishers, Ms Dorota Ślachciak from the Association of High Schools’ Publishers, Ms Grażyna Szarszewska Ph.D. – the Polish Book Chamber, Mr Henryk Tokarz, President of the Polish Chamber of Bookselling, and Mr Edward Dreszer, President of the Polish Chamber of Printing.

The conference was attended by the journalists, publishers, booksellers, librarians from the Jagiellonian Library, and from PLA Małopolska region.

Added by Joanna Pasztaleniec-Jarzyńska

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