The Library Week 2014 Slogan

Added: 20.12.2013

The Polish Librarians’ Association organizes – for the 11th time – the Library Week, program of reading and libraries’ promotion, on May 8-15, 2014. It aims at emphasizing the role of reading and libraries in improving quality of life and education, as well as increasing the librarians’ profession prestige, and interest in books within the society.

The Library Week 2014 Slogan – “Reading Bindings Generations”.

Reading is inevitably related to libraries. A library is a centre of intergenerational exchange, where experience meets new views on reality. Either history and testimonies of past centuries, or modern texts and even future stories can be found on library shelves. Old printings can co-exist with no limits nearby modern technologies, audio- or e-books. A reader of every age finds a library as a knowledge treasury, pleasure of meeting fine literature or valuable testimonies of past generations.

The Library Week 2014 slogan refers to the Jubilee “650 Years on the Book Duty”, to be celebrated in the following year. The act on May 12th, 1364, signed by Kazimierz Wielki the king, established the Studium Generale, later Cracow Academy, and listed – among the staff – also stationariuses, responsible for preparation, availability, and dissemination of copies of manuscript books, in the roles of librarians, booksellers, and publishers. This date is assumed as the very beginning of the book duty in Poland.

The whole year 2014 will consists of events promoting books, reading, and knowledge of book-related professions. Libraries are an essential part of this jubilee, as a place open for each and every reader, promoting literature of each field or époque.

The Library Week 2014 slogan refers also to the National Program of Reading Development 2014-2020, proclaimed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, aiming at reading promotion and development, positive change of social image of a book, and increase of resources for purchasing books for the libraries.

As in previous years, we organize the contest for the best poster promoting the Library Week, and the contest for the most interesting initiative or action organized by a library during the Library Week 2014.

We invite all the libraries to participate actively in the Library Week. Detailed information and rules of participation can be found at, as well as reports of former editions.

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