The Polish Librarians’ Association periodicals

 The Polish Librarians’ Association publishes following periodicals:

Przegląd Biblioteczny (Library Review)The oldest Polish scholarly journal covering library and book studies, bibliography and information science, with abstracts in English and contents indexed in Library and Information Science Abstracts. Published quarterly since 1927, the periodical from very beginning has attracted the cooperation of most outstanding scholars and practitioners of Polish librarianship. more
ZIN. Issues in Information Science. Information StudiesPublished since 1962, the periodical covers the wide range of information science topics from theoretical and practical perspectives, focusing mostly on information search-retrieval tools, evaluation of computer databases, access to electronic media, information systems evaluation, user behavior, processing information in natural and artificial languages. more
Bibliotekarz (Librarian)Published since 1929, Bibliotekarz is prepared by the Polish Librarians’ Association and Warsaw Public Library. It is addressed to all library professionals, primarily public and research librarians providing its readers with articles on recent solution in information technology, library organization and management, the state and local library policy, as well as networking and economic condition of library operation, methods and practices of library profession. more
Poradnik Bibliotekarza (Librarian’ Guide)Poradnik Bibliotekarza published since 1949, is a popular journal for public, school and pedagogic library staff, focused on issues in the domain of readership and library promotion, educational and cultural activities of libraries, recent solutions in information technologies used in libraries, and other topics useful in modern librarianship. more
Published by General Board Office Express ZG SBP includes short messages and reports documenting Polish Librarian’s Association activities. more
Published since 1993, Biuletyn Informacyjny Zarządu Głównego SBP includes records of Polish Librarians’ Association activities and texts of General Board statements and resolutions. more
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