„Przegląd Biblioteczny” [The Library Review] Special Issue

Among Polish library and information science journals, “Przegląd Biblioteczny” [The Library Review] holds a special place. It is the oldest scientific periodical in the field, founded in 1927, and from the very beginning it has attracted the cooperation of the most outstanding scholars and practitioners of Polish librarianship.  It reflects contemporary research trends in library, information and book studies as well as innovative practical solutions in use in Polish libraries. Nowadays it is still the most popular and the most highy-rated Polish research journal in the field of library and information science.


Elżbieta Barbara Zybert (Editor-in-Chief)

The Polish Librarians’ Association in IFLA. Origins of collaboration
Andrzej Mężyński

Library users, offerings and types of services in Poland
Małgorzata Fedorowicz-Kruszewska, Tomasz Kruszewski

The role of public libraries in promoting readership in Poland
Dorota Grabowska

Polish digital libraries and repositories. Origins, operation and usage
Bożena Bednarek-Michalska

Changing the paradigm of acquisition and cataloging in Polish research libraries. The impact of new information technology
Krystyna Sanetra

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The Warsaw school of paper conservation
Bogdan Filip Zerek

New library buildings in Poland. The last 25 years (1990-2015)
Ewa Kobierska-Maciuszko