“Przegląd Biblioteczny” [The Library Review] is the oldest Polish scholarly journal covering library, book and information studies, published quarterly since 1927. From very beginning it has attracted the cooperation of the most outstanding scholars and practitioners of Polish librarianship and has played important role in development of Polish librarianship. During the time when the foundations of modern Polish librarianship were created “Przegląd Biblioteczny” was the most important forum of professional discussion. Nowadays the journal reflects contemporary research trends in Polish library and information science and studies in library practice in Poland. As the most popular and most highly-rated scientific journal in librarianship area in Poland, from 2007 “Przegląd Biblioteczny” is evaluated by Ministry of Science and Higher Education with maximal rating for Polish scholarly journals.

The journal is published by the Polish Librarians’ Association (SBP) Publishing House. Members of Editorial Council as well as authors of articles published in the journal represent all the most important research centres in the field in Poland. In the last year the Editors of the quarterly have developed also cooperation with foreign researchers. We hope that this cooperation will be extended in the future. 

The archived annuals of the quarterly from the years 1927-2008 have been digitalized and are available in the SBP digital archive (http://www.sbp.pl/wydawnictwa/archiwum_cyfrowe) as well as in the Bibliological Digital Library (www.bbc.uw.edu.pl/libra) run by the Institute of Information and Book Studies at the University of Warsaw. Information on the contents of current issues is to be found on the SBP site (http://www.sbp.pl/wydawnictwa/ czasopisma_sbp). The contents of “Przegląd Biblioteczny” are registered in “The Library and Information Science Abstracts”, as well as in the internet Bibliography CEJSH – “The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities” (http://cejsh.icm.edu.pl/).