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2017 is a very important year for The Library Review because, as the main body of the Polish Librarians’ Association, we are participating in the jubilee celebrations commemorating the 100th anniversary of this organisation, the first in Poland to bring together librarians, bibliographers and book lovers. Also this year, Poland has the honour of organising the IFLA Congress and 83rd General Conference on 19-25 August 2017, in Wrocław. This year’s theme is: Libraries. Solidarity. Society. This will be the third IFLA conference in Poland, the previous ones having been held in 1936 and 1959. Let us remember that, in 1928 (officially), Poland was one of the first countries to join and contribute to the development of the International Library and Bibliographical Committee, known since 1929 as the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. The Library Review has been publishing reports from the IFLA conferences for decades, which has allowed the Polish librarians’ community to follow the issues discussed at subsequent meetings on a continuous basis.

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