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Dodane: 2014-01-08 10:00:14

You will complete the work that has begun on the content analysis of the Europeana database, by analysing the results of the survey circulated to all Europeana data contributors. With eCloud project partners you will proceed to prepare a content and gap analysis, which in turn will inform the choice for further datasets to be aggregated in the course of the project.
In the CENDARI project, you will work with the CERL Executive Manager to manage the exchange programme, undertake dissemination of the project and its summer schools. You will also participate in the development of training pathways so that potential users are aware of
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what is on offer through CENDARI (and other such platforms) and gain a sense of how they might make use of it in their research.
In both projects, your tasks relate to those in other work packages, and in this context you will liaise with other project officers, prepare project deliverables, and participate in project meetings.
For the Consortium of European Research Libraries, you will work with the Executive Manager in the communication of CERL activities to its members and the community at large. You will play an important role in refreshing the look and feel of the CERL website, and in restructuring some of its content. You will set up an efficient workflow for disseminating relevant messages and announcements to the CERL community. Finally, you will assist in the further development of the CERL Portal, both in terms of improving the current service and in integration of further datasets in the CERL Portal.
The starting date is ‘as soon as can be arranged’, ideally no later than 1 March 2014.

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