Information and communication – dissemination of research evidence and technological solutions

The project aims at the dissemination of research evidence from the social communication and media sciences, developed by academics (including the youth generation), as well as of innovative technological solutions, which already are or can be widely implemented in library practice.

The project is a response to the need for increased engagement of the academy in answering social needs and implementation of technologies crucial for the development of the knowledge society.

The results of the survey, carried out by the Polish Librarians' Association in 2021, concerning librarians' (PLA members) expectations from libraries of any type revealed that the most important for them are activities for the development of librarianship, increase of the profession's social prestige and status, as well as educational support in the form of conferences, workshops, seminars, access to the research evidence, also in crisis circumstances. Considering the latter postulate, the essential works in the project will include the following.

  • The cycle of 12 open lectures developed and presented by researchers in communication and media sciences from the leading research centers in Poland,
  • 12 academic podcasts available on the project's website.

All lectures will be delivered online and archived to make them available to a wide part of all interested parties. Both lectures and podcasts will address research projects and practices from communication and media studies in Poland. They will also discuss the results of the studies being carried out abroad that are crucial for the development of this discipline.

The project "Information and communication – dissemination of research evidence and technological solutions" was cofinanced from the state budget funds under the program of the Minister of Education and Science "Social responsibility of science"

project no SONP/SN/549779/2022 | grant amount 67 000 PLN | total project value 80 000 PLN